Zero Waste...Almost!

Straight Up
100% Zero Waste is almost impossible to achieve in today's world. From the lack of information —easy access, promotion, awareness, education, and dissemination on the correct info— to the mounds of money involved and being made in NOT having a zero waste society... being a zero waster has so many obstacles for any one individual or business to achieve simply.


But you can get damn far with the right choices and actions.

Kickin' it with NLB
Through NLBs sustainable practices, reuse, reduction, constant observation and vigilance, we plan to reduce our negative output -such as trash- to as close as we can get to ZERO WASTE. We'd even like to one day reference recycling as our "trash" —which in some cases, it already is.

Achieving an almost zero waste food market will not be an easy thing to accomplish. But it's possible to kick trash to the curb for good. And we are certainly going to try!


ln the DETAlLS
We will aim for this by going over every inch of NLB with a fine toothed comb. Reducing, or eliminating, any aspect of waste we come across in our system.


Our main objective; offer everything we carry without the wasteful pre-packaging. Thus reducing the absurd amounts of waste caused by our current food supply chain. Instead, we will be using reusable, compostable, and at last resort, recyclable options. And ALL packaging that we offer at NLB will be accepted back:

1. Reuse whatever we can, as much as we can.

2. Compost all items possible via an on, or offsite composting system.

3. Recycling anything that cannot be reused or composted in multiple streams.

4. And as a last resort, dispose of by trash only what we absolutely must.

Hands on the BRAlN
We don't simply plan to offer and practice waste reduction. No way. We plan to pass on every single aspect of our knowledge and experience through any means possible to anyone who is interested!

NLB isn't just a place where you are able to purchase food with your own container. At NLB you will be able to learn and experience through workshops, programs, hands on activities, talks, classes, tours, and whatever else we can think of!

You see, NLB is more than a bulk food market. it's a purpose, based on one simple idea to make things better for everyone. We can't continue on how we are right now. Wasting this world away without a care. What better time to aim for a Zero Waste world, than right now?

Is a ZERO WASTE Pittsburgh food market possible?? We think so!