Top of the tippety top reason why NLB should even be a thing, is waste. Humans waste SOOO much. Not just in food, but through everything we do. We use, abuse, and discard without thought or care as if there are no repercussions to any of us with the choices that we make. Even worse than not knowing, are the individuals who do realize the negativities of their actions, but do absolutely nothing to change anything they are doing. These individuals, and businesses, are the worst because they continue to cause and promote damage, even when they know what they are doing is harmful.

At NLB we take waste very seriously, in all aspects. For food, you’d only purchase what you need at NLB, instead of what companies have pre-determined you want, or should get. We will also not offer wasteful pre-packing that gets tossed as soon as the item has been used. Which sometimes happens right after you leave a store. And all packaging that NLB should offer to customers is returnable to the store for reuse, composting, recycling, or worse case scenario, our trash.

Just with food and the related supply chain, we are aiming to make huge impacts in reducing waste through our basic core service. Which will result in waste reduction from dirt to dirt. But we won’t stop there.

Every aspect of the building that NLB will reside in, as well as the entire business structure, will be gone through to reduce waste, and aim for true sustainability. Areas like; the bathroom, water/energy usage and conservation, sanitizing, green roofing as well as surrounding the building, energy capturing technology such as solar and wind, electric and biodiesel vehicles and backups, LED lighting, energy neutral or negative cooling and warming methods, and on and on.

In the way the business structure is set up we will level out the pyramid model that’s so corrosive on society, and implement a flat business model. In this method, everyone is an integral part of the system where all have specific duties and responsibilities, but are considered Collaborators. By doing this, we are tearing down all the walls that make up a typical top down system, and creating an ideal environment where communication and ideas get where there are going effectively, and as fast as possible, on a level playing surface. As a result of this system where each collaborator is both self-managed and managed collaboratively by all, they will be entrusted with the front line failure or success of NLB via their direct everyday choices and actions.

With all of lies, manipulations, false truths, and so forth in society, NLB has decided to go clear, and get as transparent as possible. More transparent than even a non-profit. You reading this could feasibly know and see all of NLBs tax information, who we do business with and why, who makes what and why, and where and how all the money is spent. Pretty much everything besides private, sensitive, or surprise project information. We feel doing this is a not brainer as we at NLB want to know these things from the companies we purchase things from. But sadly, it’s shady system out there.

But the core reason we feel NLB is a wanted, and desperately needed alternative to the current offerings; the current offerings suck and are destroying the environment. The straight truth is that there are no humans, no you no me, no hamburgers, no animals, no trees, without a healthy, happy thriving environment here on Earth. Earth will far out last humans. Humans aren’t smart enough to destroy earth. But unless we don’t take massive leaps very soon, will will surely be dumb enough to destroy ourselves.

Thus, Why NLB? We need positive change. We here at NLB feel that Naked. Local. Bulk., can be a part of that positive change.

Why NLB, Naked. Local. Bulk.?