Tenets of NLB

Naked. Local. Bulk. is built with ideas, philosophies, principles, concepts, practices... pulled from all sorts of life experiences. Which together are the Tenets of NLB. They guide Naked. Local. Bulk. in all facets, and forever forward into the adventurous unknown. 


This is our non-exhaustive, ever morphing list of NLB Tenets...in alphabetical order…


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Without collaboration, that which is "NLB"... would be nothing.

Every process, every big idea, every single thing that is tied to NLB requires collaborative efforts from all parties involved. From a small suggestion, to implementing a system wide process, to critical in the moment changes and choices, and all points in between. Collaborating with individuals and businesses for a common purpose is the only path to success. Be it big or small.

This is half the reason why everyone at NLB has the same title: COLLABORATOR!  (read more here)

There is a theory that at a certain point 'a lot' and 'bigger' become worse than 'less' and 'smaller'. This is not always true, and is in constant shift depending on the circumstances. But the core theory is self evident.

When purchasing an item, having one option is simple and easy. But if that option is a poor option, then it becomes a problem. Likewise, if you have 25 varieties of the same item, you have the option to choose the very best. But being presented with so many options could potentially result in stress and even more problems. Leaving you less satisfied than having the one poor option from the start.

We at NLB are aiming for the sweet spot. Offer the very best products, by the very best producers that we can find sustainably. Resulting in NLB offering one or two versions of the very best item we can find. instead of say, 15.

We aim to remove the stress and problems that can come with having many options, as well as remove the frustration from getting an inferior product by only having the option of an inferior one.

In regards to the whole business, food markets in their current form are all "SUPER". They are big, have thousands of products, high ceilings, enough space where you could drive a car or fly a plane right through. And are generally loud, unwelcoming, stale, and unpleasent environments.

On the other hand, NLB's foot print will be reduced in comparison, yet carrying almost all of the products one is familiar with. Our space will be inviting, warm, welcoming, and have the products you need with efficient use of the environment where the question of wasted anything, wouldn't even come up.

By being smaller, we are reducing the amount of wasted area, energy, and materials that a typical supermarket would have resulting in concentrated goodness. Less, is more.

Knowledge is power. Feed your brain! 

Without the correct knowledge, wrong decisions are made. Sometimes they are harmless and can be easily corrected. But in other instances, having the wrong knowledge, or lack of knowledge, can be catastrophic.

In any way possible, NLB seeks to educate others and give away all of the knowledge that we accumulate to all whom are interested. So that everyone NLB comes into contact with has the opportunity to make better choices. Or totally correct us when we are wrong!

We will do this through step by step in-store visuals, online video tutorials, in person walk-troughs, in store and online demonstrations, workshops, programs, and more! All for the purpose of creating an inviting, open system that is accepted with ease and excitement.

FLAT Business

Blowin' up the pyramid, and flattening it out... BOOM!

The flat business models purpose is to put all Collaborators at NLB on the same level. From founding collaborator to a new hire, everyone will have a stake in the game.

Unlike the standard pyramid scheme where the wealth is pooled at the top, ideas stopped by human ignorance, and employees treated in relation to their status... NLB is a place of the opposite. Where the wealth is flooded over all collaborators, ideas have an all access pass, and collaborators are treated and seen as equals across the board. No matter what the position, situation, or how long anyone has been at NLB.  (read more here)

With the wrong attitudes, a situation, a thought, or a person can easily become toxic and lead to a variety of negative outcomes. At NLB we aim to foster the right attitudes in each other, our business collaborators, and the customers we serve, to achieve a greater mindset.  

We will do this through education, practice, action, and positive reinforcement into how we perceive our surroundings, process everything, make decisions, and handle situations.

Life can be good, bad, and all things in between. With good attitudes, comes a great mindset. And with a great mindset, comes good decision making.


Question everything, dissent, speak up, and never ever go down the path of  staying quiet and saying “this is how we have always done it”.

Do not simply follow something, someone, some idea, no matter what it is, blindly. If you feel that there could be a better way, question it. Propose a change, a new idea, a fix, a different path, etc. See if it works.

Question the whys, wheres, whats, whos, and the idea of everything about NLB. If you think that something is wrong and could be done better, or your not sure what the purpose of it is, speak up, question it.

Don’t simply follow something blindly because you work somewhere, your part of a group, your beliefs tell you should, or anything of the sort.

You must think independently. Even if that means having disagreements, and sometimes being wrong. Because then you can work through the situation and see where the facts lead you in order to build a better situation!

PURPOSE Before Profits
NLB will never make decisions simply based on money and profits. A “Shareholder” will never be a thing at NLB. Ever. NLB, our collaborators, collaborating businesses, customers, and all associated, will never be beholden to anyone to make more money at the expense of what NLB stands for.

Given that, we here at NLB are not in any delusion that the only way NLB will be a success, is if we make a profit to stay open and thrive. Tough decisions will need to be made at times. However, these tough decisions will never be made purely based upon money. Money will never be #1.

The purpose of NLB will always be number one, in all scenarios. Nothing will ever be sacrificed merely for profit. 


For something to be sustainable, it must result in little to no negative impact consistently in it's process over a long period of time, or in perpetuity.


We here at NLB aim to be a completely sustainable. Being that, we are acutely aware that it's near impossible, currently, to be 100% sustainable. But there is no reason that it shouldn't be the goal!


Every process, everything thing we buy and sell, every business or person we collaborate with, every single aspect of the NLB structure and how it interacts with everything else, is gone through with a microscope and a pair of tweezers to ensure that what we are doing is the absolute best practice for everyone, everything, anywhere…no matter if it's part of NLB, or not.  (read more here)


At NLB, we aim to be completely transparent.


While you can't walk right up and ask for such things as private and personal information, NLB is as accessible as a book on a shelf in a public library to all collaborators and the public at large. How we do things, why we are doing it, the costs of such endeavors, where the money goes, salaries, future plans, and on and on.


Unless it's sensitive information, we don't see any reason why anyone can't acquire the details into the business that they are giving their money to. It just makes sense to us.  (read more here)



It's in our freakin' tag! 

Being completely Zero Waste is almost impossible. You'd have to completely remove yourself from almost every aspect of current civilization to be truly zero waste. Then proceed to grow, build, and make everything from some sustainable source, from scratch. Re-use it until it's no longer viable. Finally pushing it back into your system through a sustainable method at it's end of life. Culminating in a complete waste free cycle.

But that does not mean that NLB (as well as anyone) cannot get very close to being completely ZERO Waste.


Through changing how things are purchased, used, re-used, and disposed of, we here at NLB are choosing to take every step we can to ensure that everything we do is filtered through a Zero Waste lens.

By offering our products without any soon-to-be trash pre-packaging, in any amount that is needed, from sustainable producers as close to the physical store as possible, we are reducing not only physical packaging, but time, energy, resources, and finances by practicing and promoting Zero Waste.