Almost Sustainable

What does "sustainable" EVEN MEAN?!

Something that which can exist for a very long time, if not perpetually, with little to no negative side effects or results.


We here at NLB cannot be 100% sustainable. It’s virtually impossible given the current state of human civilization. However, it's possible to get damn close.

Now, sustainable is an abused word. People, companies, products, of all shapes and sizes use this word and its derivatives to sell something or themselves. It’s not the main purpose, but a shiny afterthought added in later for these entities. With NLB, sustainable is the utter core, the foundation, the place where it all starts. NLB is simply a result of Sustainable Philosophy. Without that, there is no NLB. It’s just another business aiming to sell you some more stuff.


To be sustainable
In order to be 100% sustainable, you'd have to grow, build, and create everything individually or collaborate with others using only sustainable materials and methods from the start to finish of everything. This would achieve true sustainability. 


To be truly 100% sustainable living in todays world is an almost impossible feat. If you take part in society in any tiny aspect there will be some form of negative consequence. Our entire world is built upon excess and wastefulness.


That doesn’t mean you, as well as we here at NLB, can’t get really freakin’ close to being truly sustainable with all the right moves! Aim for 100%, and see how far you can push it. That's our trajectory.

Every facet of NLB is meant to be sustainable, it's one of our Tenets. With the environment at the forefront of it all. Without a healthy, well balanced ecosystem on Earth, you can completely forget everything else. No NLB. No Netflix and Chilln’. No Yoga classes. No protesting. No snapchat. No Beyonce. No rockets to the moon. No New York Times Best Seller List. No Viral moments. No chocolate covered pretzels. No puppies. No monster truck rallies. No iPhone900. No eating out. No BBQs. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.


We will make mistakes, corrections, updates, and be perpetually seeking out the best methods in the journey to be truly sustainable. So that anyone can pick up our practices and put them to good use in their own lives. Simply.

We will aim to reduce or completely eliminate the negative side effects of our choices and actions. No matter what they may be, or what we have to do to get there. All of these actions will be tracked, recorded, and posted so that everyone can see the ins and outs.