Humans are ABSURD
Do you own stuff that's useful, but a tad bit old or used?! Forget that... Toss it out! 


We humans have serious issues with acquiring “New Pretty Shiny Things” and tossing out anything else that’s not so. We don’t even try to sell or donate this usable stuff first. Just toss it all out to buy all new stuff. Sometimes the same stuff! All to toss it out again, and buy more pretty shiny stuff! 


WHY the aBsURdITy?!


It also doesn’t help that we let ourselves be hooked in by the marketing, individuals, and companies cramming the idea that we “need” said NEW stiff, when we really don’t at all. 


The DAMAGE done

The cost of buying new, quality stuff is never going to go down. Thus, when we buy all NEW stuff for the simple reason of it being "New" -what we didn't need in the first place- we are wasting our hard earned finances... which we could be spending on tacos!


We are also not properly passing on our stuff via selling, donations, reuse, or just plain giving it away. Which has led to overwhelming amounts of land, sea, and air pollution. Tons and tons and TONS of waste that was never waste to begin with.


Check out a curb near you on trash day for proof of waste absurdity.


The result of this waste is devastating environmental damage across the board from all this new stuff being bought -most now made with some form of plastic- which are overwhelmingly made from virgin materials. The process of all our "new pretty shiny things" is a negative from start to finish.


As much as we'd like to buy everything used, Naked. Local. Bulk. will have to purchase and use some new items. That is just the reality.  When we do buy new, we'll buy the best possible durable goods available.


However, at every single step in the process we will exhaust all methods available to us in order to purchase used materials. This will result in a savings across all fronts. 


We also will reclaim and reuse anything and everything possible for anything that our crazy little minds can imagine.


Items such as furniture, shelving, kitchenware, and beyond, can all be acquired in great working previously used condition. Re-claimed materials can potentially be used to build what we need for a fraction of the resources and funds new materials will cost.

Right now, we don’t know exactly what we will need or be required to buy new, what we can acquire used, or what we will be able to build ourselves (we have good ideas about this though). But we do know one thing; we will guarantee that in everything we do, a used, reuse, or reclaimed option will be sought out first, way before “new” enters the fold. Without a drop of quality lost in the process.


Why new when it can be re-used, or re-imagined??