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Do you get stoked with direct human interaction?! Are you an outgoing person who is creative and is always brainstorming new ideas?! Well, we want to talk to you!

NLB is seeking a collaborative Promotor-Ambassador for the purpose of exposure and Launch funding!

Here’s what you could (but not at all limited to these) be collaboratively doing:
- Interacting and promoting at events
- Genuine social media campaigns & interactions
- Share NLB in targeted and mass formats
- Create content such as video, audio, and more!
- Plus working on/out any ideas you may have!

What is required from you for this role:
- Excited about the potential of NLB in Pittsburgh!  
- Energy, engaging, positive, great communicator, sociable, and enjoy connecting and having a conversation with people online, and in person!
- Independent thinking and the willingness to dissent and pitch your own ideas!
- Experience in promotion, pitching, customer service, and or being an ambassador for a company
- BONUS: you’ve implemented zero waste & sustainable practice into your life!

This is a part time, contract role, with an hourly rate of $20.25 per hour


- Go to the employment tab on our website (, or click the link at the bottom of this page
- Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page where you will see "To Be Considered"
- Put your phone number in the first open field. This is how we will contact you if we feel your are a good fit.
- In the second, open text box, please let me know a bit about yourself, any sustainable actions you might be undertaking in your life at the moment, what attracts you to being an Promotor-Ambassador for Naked Local Bulk, and why a zero waste & sustainable food source is needed in the region. In addition, please specify if you’d like to be contacted via text or call if we are interested in interviewing you!

**DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME IN THE APPLICATION. We are experimenting with a blind application process in order to reduce judgement, bias, and the like. So, don’t tell us your name or any specifics about you (we will ask for ALL of that, including a resume, if what you say peaks our interest).

** This is not an exhaustive description of this opportunity. It could contract, expand, and change at any point given the collaborator, and a myriad of circumstances.


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