Let's Collaborate!

Seriously…Let’s Collaborate
If you’re an individual, a group, a business, an alien, a Lentil, or anywhere in between, and you like what we are doing here at NLB and have an idea to which you might want to collaborate with us on, or something you want to throw by us, no matter how crazy it might be…we want to hear from you!

There is no area or idea that is off limits. Well…I mean…unless your idea is about the further degradation of (insert anything here), or based on the destruction of (ya, again, insert any amount of things here)…

When we seek out our collaborating partners, we look for the same things that you see and read about on this site and throughout NLB. Things like transparency, sustainable and regenerative practices, good communication, and lots of information. But there are no limits. And quality collaborations can happen in the most unlikely of places.

And if you’re a food business in the Pittsburgh area, and think that we might have a higher quality, more sustainable version of product than what you are currently using, definitely say hello. We may be able to collaborate in what you are using, for either a discounted rate off our floor price, or at our own purchase price!



Seeking Collaborators:
We are always looking to offer a more sustainable product, from a more sustainable & regenerative  source. Below are a few things that we are currently seeking specific collaborators on:


• Conversational Agriculture Collaborators/Sourcing:
We are seeking non-industrial, non-mega mono crop farms & farmers, who are practicing all three methods of Conversational Agriculture:

1. no plow/till

2. complex cover cropping

3. complex crop rotations


And believes that crops and livestock are secondary on a farm... the soil is #1. If you don't have thick, rich, healthy soil, with limited to zero chemical inputs, then you don't have a regenerative and sustainable farming operation.

• A white distilled organic vinegar maker/source:
True, we have a current source for vinegar, but when you have relatively 2 options to source from, it’s not really “a choice” when both are conglomerates / big industry groups. Vinegar isn’t hard to make, you can see this in all of the fancy custom vinegar varieties out there. We are simply seeking out a small to medium sized white organic vinegar maker. You know of one? Let us know!


So drop us a line via our contact page, and let’s start collaborating!