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We here at NLB plan on offering a version of almost everything a typical food market offers, without wasteful packaging and in any amount you need.


This is synopsis of our launch list!


It's highly possible we could add to this, as well as remove items at any time for any number of reasons. NLB is a bold concept, the allocation of a lot of our products will be done in potentially new and/or different means. Some of which might not work, while some will work far better than current methods. All of it will be a challenge. 


As soon as we lock down our products with our desired sources, we will provide all of the sources to which we plan to acquire every item from. In the mean time, feel free to search the list below for what we plan to offer!

If you'd like to see a particular item at NLB, or have any questions about this list, don't hesitate to drop us a line to the left via the contact page!

Planned Product List

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