FOOD Familiar
NLB will carry nearly everything one is accustomed to seeing in a typical food market. The only exceptions will be items that we simply cannot acquire and then offer in a sustainable way. If we cannot initially locate or offer an item, by no means will we give up on said item. No way! We will scour our resources, investigate, and dig until we find an option.

All of the food in NLB —with the exception of items such as milk, eggs, jam/fruit spread (items that are pre-packaged for a purpose)— will all be available without pre-packaging. Any and all packaging that we offer will be able to be returned to the store for deposit refund, reuse, composting, recycling, and in a last resort situation; to our trash. The customer has the option to properly dispose of these items as well. However, we think it’s only right that if we offer an item, we also offer a source for it’s end of use/life.

Search an overview list of our planned products here.

Those dried peppers LOOK HOT
Food will be displayed in glass and metal bulk bins that will ideally have bail/latch lids -some will still have the standard type screw/mason jar and lid- which hermetically seal. This way the food stays as fresh as possible, for as long as possible, and contamination from all outside sources will be reduced tremendously compared to current commercially used bulk food bins. Insuring the viability of the food we sell far beyond what is currently in the market.



GO THAT WAY really fast
All of the food and non-food items that NLB plans to offer will be gotten sustainably as closed to the physical location of NLB as possible. Everyone will be able to explore where each item originated from, processed & chemicals used, why we offer this item and not another, and a bunch of other tidbits of information to dive through.


In our food offerings, we will closely follow the seasons. This means that you probably won’t find out-of-season items throughout the year. But what you will find is dehydrated and long-term cold-stored versions of those offerings.

By following the seasons, there are very real limitations on what we can offer, and when we can offer it. But it will only create a challenge to offer such items in sustainable ways.

KlTCHEN Confidential

Unlike most bulk markets, NLB plans to have a fully equipped commercial kitchen. And we plan to use this non-stop to create and offer a bevy of bulk and home made goodness!

Dehydration and cold storage will be our main launch methods of long-term food storage to both sell and use these items straight, or in delicious concoctions at a later date. This will augment our seasonal limitations. Long term storage methods make it possible for NLB to offer versions of locally grown fruits and vegetable all year long and far into the future!

Our methods of dehydration and cold storage (perhaps other methods as well) will be a keystone in creating many unique items that we will offer at NLB. Such things as granola/cereals, sauces, spice mixes, crackers, chips, snacks… a potentially endless array of rotating foods that all will be created on site. In both large and small batch runs from the products we sell on the floor.

Can't EAT THlS

NLB won’t be just be about food! No way. But we won’t offer the crazy amount of needless junk that most food markets offer either. 

While we are not completely sure what exactly we will carry that is non-food, we can say that everything will fall under the same sustainable, zero waste philosophies; no plastic packaging, compostable/recyclable/no packaging, refillable, multi-purpose, reusable, and onward! 

You won’t find anything that isn’t built to last, that’s coated in a toxic non-stick element, or plastic!


At NLB We aim to bring the best food and non-food items possible, in the best way possible, to anyone who should step foot in NLB. Which they then will be able to purchase in any amount of only what they need, instead of what is otherwise pre-packaged, pre-determined, and force fed to them, and all of us in general.