An NLB Overview

Naked. Local. Bulk. simple idea

Offer customers items found typically in any random food market. But…

1) without the wasteful pre-packaging

2) originating sustainably as close to the store as possible

3) purchasable in any amount, from one .oz on up, as needed.


Buy as much or as little as you need, using your own clean food container or one provided by NLB, and know exactly where the product you are purchasing originated from. Simple!   (read more here)

By eliminating pre-packaged items...

We are reducing and eliminating untold amounts of unnecessary waste throughout the supply chain —packaging, energy, natural resources, time, money, middlemen, etc.—  by buying out items in BIG bulk, offering these products in hermetic bulk containers, which you take ONLY what you need from!

After shopping at Naked Local Bulk, you’ll be left with nothing to throw away and a reduced garbage bag bill! Just good food to eat, containers to wash out and reuse/return, items to compost, and things to recycle!

  (read more here)

[CONTAlNlNG] the excitement!
NLB is loose bulk foods. We use a variety of hermetic bulk containers that keeps all our foods stored for as long as possible so you can ALWAYS make fresh bulk purchases in our market!

Standard plastic acrylic bulk bins used in the bulk industry don't do the job effectively. They are non-hermetic, hard to recycle, and let air in to varying degrees as there are no seals. Food goes stale in these unsealable bins fairly quickly, and there is no way for a customer to know this when purchasing as they just start chowin’ down on a an item in the middle of the isle! This is a bad bulk food buying experience.

Thus, it’s a no brainer for NLB to use hermetic, resealable bulk containers made out of glass and metal as it practically eliminates this problem!  (read more here)

Sustainable & ZERO WASTE...Almost!

These our core Tenets. The foundation. The place where it all starts and ends. In all aspects, NLB is simply a result of Sustainable and Zero Waste Philosophies. Without these, there is no NLB and we are just another green-washing business aiming to sell you some more junk you don't need or should want.  (read more: sustainable & zero waste)


Labels + Product Track & Trace Back

Labels? We don't need no stinkin' labels! Well...we actually do. But like, some badass labels!

Since almost all of our products won't come in wasteful pre-packageing, all of the nutritional info and ingredients will be on the bulk containers, and our website. However, we are adding a bit to each label:
- the distance from where the item originated (which color codes to the overall label)
- the origins, trace back, location, and contact of each product/producer.
- name and type of farm/operation: organic, sustainable, bio-dynamic, dairy, apiary, etc
- chemicals used and why
- plus other possible factoids about the product  (read more here)


A FULL Kitchen

Unlike most bulk stores, NLB will have a fully equipped commercial kitchen! No messing around here, go big or go home, am I right!?

Most bulk stores purchase all of their goods from vendors in bulk, to sell in bulk. NLB will do this. But we will also be dehydrating, baking, cooking, freezing, mixing, storing, and making a bevy of things to offer all from the same items that you can buy on our floor. (So in reality, you could make it yourself if you wanted to!)

We kinda like to think of it as if a tiny bulk food store ate a supermarket, spit out all the crappy bits, and pooped out a sweet ass kitchen. But we are sure there is a better description. 
  (read more soon!)

FLAT Business model

NLB will NOT function like the typical business scheme where everything is stacked from the top down/ground on up. Nope, NLB will be on the level!

Think of a pyramid, or Mt. Everest. The bottom is nothing like the top, and the two ends have vastly different perspectives of the same structure from their respective positions. NLB is putting some TNT underneath this structure to blow it up and flatten it out. BOOM!

Now picture a vast flat green grassy field as far as the eye can see, packed full of all sorts of natural wonder. Like a forest to one side, and maybe a cow patterned flying horse to the left, or perhaps a large body of blue water that extends to the horizon. No true top, bottom, center, or even edges. It just continues to grow and flow from all points outward. Every perspective is on the level, and all areas are open and accessible in collaboration with anyone and everyone else around. Even that flying horse.

  (read more here)


Clear and transparent as a window….into our souls! (I mean, if you believe in the soul…but that’s a different conversation.)

We are planning on making almost EVERYTHING in the NLB business transparent for all to absorb. Taxes, financial dealings, payroll, our business collaborators, why we do things, who we do them with, what we plan to do...anything and everything. Minus private and confidential information!

We believe businesses should be open, honest, ethical, and operation with integrity. Unless a company is trying to be a shady shifting swindler, why shouldn’t almost everything be as transparent as possible?  (read more here)

Lowest Price Possible Always

You can cut coupons, pay for memberships, hunt down sales, and other marketing gimmicks that encourage you to buy more, More, MORE at any other store. But At NLB, we don’t want to deal with all of that crap as it’s a waste of time (and money) for us. We want to save this money by NOT doing these things, and pass the savings on by offering low prices on quality goods, so YOU can buy as little or as much as you need anytime at the lowest price possible, and not worry about all that other gobbledygook.

We do this by buying the best products we can source DIRECT from the makers, producers, farmers, and manufacturers in large quantities. Which saves us money in purchasing and shipping (plus packaging, marketing, logistics, energy, resources, and more!)…and let’s us here at NLB offer every single product at the lowest possible price we can manage, to you, our awesome customers!

No jokes, tricks, or strings attached. Just a price, the same price, everyday, at the lowest we can make it. How can you beat that?