NLB lncubator

What's the BlG lDEA?
NLB will be more than just a "Zero Waste Food Market...ALMOST". It will be a place where the seeds of ideas can be planted and supported to grow into bold realities.

Given the collaborative nature of NLB, where communication between all parties is open and free flowing, any and all positive ideas can, and are encouraged to, be shared and explored to their fullest potential.



In so many companies, organizations, and systems of all shapes and sizes, great ideas are constantly being shut down, denied, destroyed, road blocked, and even stolen for any numbers of reasons.


At NLB this will not happen.


If you have an idea, then that idea will be heard and potentially explored. It will not be stymied by a mind numbing web of bureaucracy, or a single vision-less individual.


However, not all ideas are good ones. And some great ideas completely fail when put into motion initially. But all ideas should, and will be heard. That is the only way to push for positive real change. You gotta hear what everyone has to say. The most unlikely of persons could have the keys to the greatest solutions.


Just gotta listen.

For all of the possible ideas that are thought up and explored at current, the businesses where the ideas originated make the person or persons sign away their right to the item they have just created. Leaving them with nothing, and the company which didn't create the idea, with everything.

NOT at Naked. Local. Bulk. 

If something should develop within NLB, and it becomes its own independent item, thing, business, etc., the collaborators who came up with the idea would not give up their rights or ownership of such things they create.


NLB will have a sharing contract where NLB and these collaborators share in the spoils of such creations. Both while they are with NLB, and if for some reason they no longer are.


NLB collaborators will never not have majority ownership in their own creations. It’s your idea. You created it. You should own it.