Every product in NLB will have a label, but slightly different than what one is familiar with.


The standard nutritional facts will be present on all food item labeling, with all the healthy awesome things that went into making each item. However, we will be adding a few things:

- the distance from where the item originated (which color codes to the overall label)

- the origins and trace back details of each product.

- type of farm: organic, sustainable, bio-dynamic, dairy, apiary, etc

- chemicals used and why

- plus other possible factoids and kernels of interest

Some pretty SWEET LABELS

In addition, the label itself will be color coated to match a specific distance range. This range and color coating is a system NLB has developed that has 5 tiers. Each tier will be a different color, which will reflect the color of the label and equate to a specific distance range. Check it out:

The 5 NLB distance tiers
Hyperlocal - ORANGE - from 0-5 miles from where you are standing
Local - GREEN - from 6-60 miles from where you are standing
Regional - BLUE - from 61-130miles from where you are standing
Far Out - YELLOW - from 131-300miles from where you are standing
Beyond - PURPLE - 301+ miles from where you are standing
(*Colors are subject to change before launch.)

**More details at bottom

We use this system of distance and time to represent where we get the products we offer at NLB (where your food comes from) as we think it’s the simplest, clearest explanation given the average miles a person can travel in a particular period of time, and the impact that transportation has on the food chain.

The purpose of this system is to let you the customer know how near or far the item that you have in front of you traveled to get to you. Letting you know what is truly local. And in turn, gives you an idea about how much energy, natural & human resources, time, money, materials, and everything else involved, were either used/wasted or saved/avoided by the distances traveled and hours spent in transportation.

In conjunction with our labels, more info will be present at the physical store, and on this website, as it becomes available. On this here website we plan to have indepth descriptions of our products, producers, and services individually. Providing you with the most detail to make better choices in what you take home and put in your body!


**The distances are based upon how far one can leisurely travel in a certain period of time. Hyperlocal references how many approximate miles one can travel on foot in an hour. Local references how far away a person can travel driving an average leisurely speed of 60 miles an hour, in approx an hours time. Regional references how far a person can travel somewhere, then drive the same distance back at a leisurely pace, in approximately half a days time. Far Out references how far a person can travel somewhere, then drive the same distance back at a leisurely pace, in approximately one days time while still having a few hours left over. Beyond references all distances past 301 miles, and time frames over 1 day.