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Details : The Kitchen

Food is an expression of art, a joyful mouthwatering experience, and a constant lesson in science! Kitchen collaborators will be concocting everything from re-formulated familiar items, to small batch and one off delights to sustain and delight NLB customers.

Collaborators in the kitchen will have a passion for cooking, food experimentation, pushing constantly further to get the best items on the floor. As well as enjoying interacting with customers about such items.

Kitchen collaborators will be on the front lines of waste reduction. They will be creating items from scratch, and they must follow strict guidelines into what they use, how they use it, and what is done with exhausted items at the end of the process.

These individuals will hold tightly to NLBs Zero Waste Tenet, being sure that every piece of a product gets used for something. If after all production is completed and the item has been exhausted they find that a piece of an item cannot be used for anything in NLB, then the item gets composted properly. Even going as far as questioning the use and necessity of the product in NLB in the first place, depending on what and how much was wasted/composted, keeping in mind time and finances.  

Almost never should any food materials be trashed from the kitchen, and NLB as a whole. Only in extreme circumstances where items present a danger to compost, or cannot be composted for a particular reason, should they be trashed.

Being that NLB plans to use dehydration and freezing methods to create all sorts of stored long term products, the kitchen collaborator must have a familiarity with dehydration. Dehydration will be used on a very large scale, compared to NLBs planned product line, during the growing season. Both dehydration and freezing will be in constant use year round. Fermentation, roasting, and other forms of food manipulation and storage are future possibilities as well, but not in the launch plan currently.

General, but not limited to, overview of what is sought for this specific future collaborative opportunity:
- Commercial kitchen experience in some form is required
- Experience in purchasing and inventory control
- Comfortable with a majority of your time in repetitive production
- Experience with dehydration in a non-meat setting
- Understanding of freezing foods for long term, in what form, and in what type of non-plastic container for best results
- Creative and familiar ideas for base foods and original combinations, with the highest nutritional content for each item as the target
- Must adhere to a Zero Waste and sustainable kitchen philosophy
- Must adhere to the highest degree of sanitization, hygiene, and cleanliness using the most sustainable practices possible
- Familiarity with proper dish washing and sanitization procedures
- Familiar with First In First Out (FIFO) processing and use of food
- Overlapping and filling in duties if needed with other collaborators

** This is not an exhaustive description of this opportunity. It could contract, expand, and change at any point given the circumstances.


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