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FUNDlNG sought for NLB

We are seeking a minimum of $500,000 (plus our investment of $75,000+) to launch NLB! Yes, that IS a lot of money for a bulk food market. But this ain’t no typical bulk food market! 

3 MAlN reasons for $500,000:
1. FOOD ($150,000):
Buying in large bulk to get a better price, with as little waste as possible, and offering the widest range of products that we can (given our model) with the items we plan on selling and making other things with, needs big up-front investment. We can’t get great prices, on great products, and pass those products onto our customers, if we are not buying direct from the source. And in most cases, we need to buy a lot (think 2000lbs+).  


2. EQUIPMENT ($100,000):
With all that bulk food that we now have in large quantities, our plan is to make as many delicious, familiar, and unique things as we possibly can. And a full commercial kitchen is the way to do this! This kitchen is the keystone aspect of the whole Naked Local Bulk operation, the model falls apart without it. To operate as intended, produce and store high quality products, it needs the proper equipment; dehydrator, oven, roaster, walk in cooler/freezer, plus all the basic essentials of a commercial kitchen (the closest example would be a bakery). Not to mention all of the containers, carts, baskets, and misc other items for the floor, and for our customers to use and buy. This requires a large sum of up front capital.


3. EMPLOYEES ($150,000):
And to run this entire show, we need collaborators (aka: employees)! While our experience, research, and observations point to a very successful launch, a new business must prepare as much as possible for unforeseen events, failures, and even runaway success, over the course of their first months, to potentially years of operation. We can’t make enough money to thrive if we are not open enough. And to be open, we need collaborators. And the more we are open, the more collaborators we will need. Growing Pains! Paying each person a good base wage, with good to great benefits (like medical), plus all the associated costs that come with personnel expansion as the company drives forward, needs substantial capital backing.


We planned and researched this model over years, to make sure we could achieve what we are doing. Otherwise we’d just be another typical bulk food store. Which we could conceivably open right now! But that’s not the Naked Local Bulk model. And it’s not what we are going to do. Someone else can take the generic, already paved path forward.

Without any connections, amplification, crowds, advocates, promoters, or exposure of any kind, this is a massive challenge! THUS, we are seeking funds from almost ANY source, avenue, organization, means, and so on, to get this going.


...become a brick-n-mortar reality right here in the Greater Pittsburgh Region!

(As well, you can read our most up-to-date business plan —both single page and full— located via links at the bottom of this page, keep updated via the “Updates” page on this site, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!)



If you want Naked Local Bulk to become a reality here in the city of Pittsburgh, GET THE WORD OUT!  We need funding, yes! But, exposure sure helps in gaining traction and getting noticed with a wide swath of individuals so we get that needed funding. SO.. Share us with your friends, family, co-workers, pets, grandmas, enemies, and strangers on the street! Don’t forget, it’s

MULTIPLE avenues to invest:

- Small investments of $10.00 on up, at a flat 6% rate over 1-10 years (depending on success of NLB)

- Larger amount investments starting at 6%, and increasing as the success of NLB increases

- Really Large to full funding investments with up to 50% pure profit split over a predetermined time

Other ways to fund NLB that we have tried. And nothing has worked so far:
- Banks/SBA: Seeking too much money, not in business yet, no physical collateral
- Crowdfunding: There isn’t any crowd to which to “crowd funds from”
- Venture Capitalists/Angel Investors: Food isn’t the future. Tech is!! And these people seek very short term profits, on high interest rates. Naked Local Bulk is low interest rates, and set up for the long haul.
- Family and Friends: No one has money! Or at least, money to invest in a sustainable food market. (Maybe tech…?)
- Being fully aware that NLB might take a long time to fund, and we might die trying to fund it, we attempted to give $10,000 away to the most sustainable person, trying to launch the most sustainable project, in order to see some good happen… but all we got was flagged, and considered SPAM.
- And the oh so many ideas that failed, even before they got outside the thought process…is vast.


#3: Fund NLB via a GlFT CERTlFlCATE!
What could be better than a gift certificate to the future Naked. Local. Bulk. food market that increases in amount?! Well, a lot of stuff actually. But that’s not the point!

NLB is offering a limited amount of Gift Certificate Investments between $25 - $250 that increase in value by 10% yearly over the course of three years (max) on the base amount invested (not like how bank interest works).

This gift certificate starts to accrue from the moment the store opens it’s doors for it’s first day of business, and cannot be redeemed for cash. Only store credit, or product. Like a standard investment, it would be fully at risk. If NLB for some reason fails, this gift certificate is non-refundable. And the investment is lost.


NO MONEY WILL BE COLLECTED UNLESS WE ACHIEVE OUR GOAL. Until that point, we are taking down names, contact info, and amount you’d invest. Then we will contact you if we should fail to to garner the full amount, or we are ready to collect and launch!  
Every single funded penny, where it came from, what it has been spent on, and what it will be used for, will be available to anyone who wants to know. Not just the tax people, or individuals who are supporting and investing in Naked. Local. Bulk.
None of the investments made are for equity/ownership of Naked Local Bulk. All investments are loans/debt on the side of NLB, to be paid back to the investors, in the agreed to time frame and amounts. However, all investors have a collaborative say in what NLB is doing. But what an investor wants NLB to do, does not have to be carried out. There is no controlling stake. Just collaboration to achieve the best possible outcome for all.
If NLB should not succeed, and completely closes, all assets would be sold off to pay employees, suppliers, debt, etc. with whatever money is left after all debts are paid, this amount will then be divided between all investors proportionally. Let’s say that you are 1 of 3 investors. You invested $20, and the other two invested $40 each for a total of $100. You would receive 20% of the remaining money, and they would receive 40% of the money respectively, of whatever is left over at the end.
The independent financial investments that come directly to us here at NLB and not through a third party (such as a crowdfunding site), will all have the same.06% percentage return on investment no matter how big or how small an investment might be. The term length is flexible.
All financial, physical, time, and all other means of investment, no matter the format, are fully at risk. While we plan to not only succeed, but thrive, the possibility of failure, and loss of all invested funding, is real. It’s as real, and as much of a risk as in any new business venture. With this in mind, if you choose to invest in any way into NLB, know that your financial investment, as well as any other form of agreed to investment —time, physical property, etc— may never be returned, reimbursed, or the like if NLB fails.


Getting NLB off the ground will be an amazing challenge! If you are interested in investing to make NLB happen, please reach out to us via our contact page. We will not use this contact info for absolutely anything else other than what you request it to be used for.

To check out NLB's one page business plan click here! If you're into the really long version, check that version out here. AND if you don’t see something or have questions, please reach out to us via our contact page!