GET NAKED!   GO loCaL!   BULK up!​
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No pre-packaging? No problem! "Naked" means just that; quality food (and non-food items) getting to you in any amount needed without the wasteful pre-packaging. No more unnecessary wasteful plastic packaging!

ALMOST everything at NLB will be purchasable via a clean customer container (encouraged!) or a container offered by NLB —which will be returnable or purchasable.   (more about containers here)

Any and all containers or packaging that will be offered at NLB can be;

- returnable to the store to get; a refund (via a deposit system), reused, composted, recycled, other

- or reused, composted, recycled by the customer


Almost every food and non-food item that we plan to sell will be purchasable fresh, in loose bulk, or package-less. The exceptions to this are such things as; jams, milk, eggs, toothbrushes, kitchen and cookware, cheese, misc frozen items, and a varying amount of others. These Items either already come in their own returnable packaging, will be in bulk but filled by an NLB employee over the counter, they have no packaging, or we have yet to develop a feasible bulk offering option.

All these exceptions will still follow the FULL RETURN packaging policy of NLB; returned for refund, reused, composted, or more mounds of trash to the landfill!


The packaging of almost all the items we (the ROYAL, entire freakin' world "we") currently buy is a total waste and not needed. We buy an item, open it, use/eat it, then toss this packaging away. Almost as soon as we leave the store! What sort of skewed sense of reality that we think ‘this is an acceptable and OK thing to do’ have we come to?!?


Buying something and tossing most of it away soon after, is ludicrous. Putting something in a reuseable container to buy it, then eat it, then rinsing the container out to repeat the process, IS CAPITAL!

All of this packaging that we are tossing out, and even “recycling”, is ending up in the dump where they will sit for 100s, if not 10s of 1,000s of years. Some never to fully decompose. Just continually breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic pieces over very long periods of time, leeching into the natural surroundings and being absorbed by everything around it.

There isn’t anything sustainable about almost all pre-packaged items. They are a mark of unnecessary and destructive convenience practices.

By going Naked, there is less of a drain on natural resources, energy, money, and time used as items are not pre-packaged into small predetermined amounts, and shipped all across the world. They are shipped in large, to very large amounts, then split on site for customers to purchase from a bulk bin at some point in whatever amount they wish.

Getting Naked never sounded so good!

GO loCaL

Buying products that are grown/made within a short distance from where you are living is a no brainer. You support the local economy, local businesses, small businesses, local and small farmers, and it's all within a range to where you could visit and check out these places and talk to the people.


But let us be clear; buying "Local" is not the end-all be-all filled with rainbows and sunshine over everything else. 

Buying a product locally could potentially be more harmful and far less sustainable than something you purchased that was grown in say, California. Many variables, circumstances, situations come into play in each scenario; transportation, distances traveled, efficient farming and production, chemicals used, business practices, financial feasibility, origins, the people in play, PACKAGING, consumer use and disposal, and on and on and on.

What's good for one situation and/or product, might not be good for another. That is why we won't buy something simply because it’s local. But aiming to get the best product, sustainably, from as close to the store as possible, is what loCaL means to us here at NLB.

All NLB products will have a mileage marker from where the item was grown/produced, to the physical location of NLB. As well as the company name, type of farm, chemicals used, and additional transparency info from the grower/producer.   (read more here)

NLB uses a system based upon travel times and distances to calculate what is loCaL. Our system is set up in 5 tiers ranging from 1 Hour - 2 days+ in time,  and 0 - 301+ miles in distance, respectively. loCaL to us here at NLB is 6 - 60 miles. We think that, is what local means.   (see the system)

Go sustainably loCaL with NLB!


No more pre-determined package sizes.

No more over-purchasing of a product.

No wasting 14 ounces of an item when you only needed 2.


Get what you need, in the exact amount you need it. That’s it.

Items that are not sold by weight/bulk will be things such as; toothbrushes, milk, bulk containers, cookware, kitchenware. These types of items are generally non-food, and priced individually.

When we say BULK, please be sure not to confuse this with a big box store. Big Box, referring to the large amounts of a product in one giant pre-wrapped package, or large amounts of pre-packaged products all packaged together.


Goodness gracious...endless amounts of wasteful packaging!

We are offering items in weighted bulk because you should have the options to buy only what you need, using your own or an offered clean container. Thereby reducing food waste, financial waste, packaging, and resources on all fronts. 


We (humans) are wasteaholics. We buy stuff, but it’s more than we need. it then just ends up sitting somewhere. in the back of the frig or cupboard, and slowly gets forgotten. Until some unlucky individual discovers this stuff, and tosses it away because it has gone bad. What a waste.

A waste of our hard earned money. A waste of materials. A waste of space. A waste of energy. A waste of time. A waste of so much, in such small insanely frequent increments. But no more!


By offering items in loose bulk instead of “take what they give you”, you will have the option to only buy what you need. And reduce, or eliminate food waste in your life completely!

Are you ready for us to BULK you up?


Naked. Local. Bulk.

As much or as little of an item that you need, without any wasteful pre-packaging, using your own or provided clean container, which sustainably originated as close to NLB as possible. Simple!