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Details : The Floor

Collaborators on the floor are typically the very first people that customers have the pleasure of interacting with at NLB. Therefore the floor collaborator is on the front lines of NLB, and could presumably be bombarded with a dizzying array of multitasking between questions on a constant loop that could send them of on a wild goose chase, and fulfilling their roles at keeping the bulk, fresh, and misc. goods stocked, spotless, and running smoothly.

The floor collaborators also will need to have an eagle eye to make sure that customers are reading all signs, following all processes, and not contaminating the bulk products by way of direct hand to product contact or sampling.

Floor collaborators will be responsible for all of NLBs active floor products; Bulk, Fresh, and Misc. items. As well as duties such as; purchasing, fulfillment, stocking, stock rotation, cleaning, inventory management, pricing, farm/producer relations, as well as backing up and overlapping with other collaborating positions.

Floor collaborators will also have the opportunity to be on the front lines of getting the best possible products into NLB.

General, but not limited to, overview of what is sought for this specific future collaborative opportunity:
- Experience in produce, grocery, frozen foods, or misc. area in a typical food market
- Understanding of product rotation and First In First Out (FIFO) processing and use of food
- Experience in purchasing and inventory control
- Must adhere to the highest degree of sanitization, hygiene, and cleanliness using the most sustainable practices possible
- Keeps logs, records, charts, and any other means of product and storage condition tracking
- Backs up and overlaps with other collaborating positions

** This is not an exhaustive description of this opportunity. It could contract, expand, and change at any point given the circumstances. 


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