A Flat Business Structure

NLB will NOT function in the typical business idea where everything is stacked from the ground on up. NLB will be on the level, on all fronts. 

Think of a pyramid, or Mt. Everest. The bottom is nothing like the top, and the two ends have vastly different perspectives of the same structure from their respective positions.


Now, take that thought and put some TNT underneath this structure to blow it up and flatten it out...




Picture a vast flat grassy field as far as the eye can see, packed full of all sorts of natural wonder. Or a large body of water which extends far beyond what the eye can perceive. The NLB structure has no true top, bottom, center, or even edge. It just grows and flows on outward. Every perspective on the level, and all areas open and accessible in collaboration with anyone and everyone else around.

No matter what a collaborators responsibilities may be, they are neither above nor below another. They’re simply on the level, working along side one another, to achieve a common goal.




The typical pyramid business structure is abusive, opaque, manipulative, shadowy, demeaning...among other things. It’s not conducive to sustainable collaborative success. Problems get swept under the rug, ideas are stopped by higher level opinions, bureaucracy moves at a snails pace, mistakes are made as a result of greed and ignorance, and the farther you are to the top, the more you are totally out of touch with what’s happening at the bottom.


Forget multi-level management, boss, supervisor, board, president, or subordinate structures. The space between what once was referred to as the “top" and "bottom” has gone extinct with us. In our flat system, anyone can reach out to whomever they need to in order to get the answers they require. No fuss. Just results.


The best description of what each person does in our system; we collaborate.

Each individual is self-managed, as well as managed by the rest of NLB collaboratively. While key decisions are made by known respected collaborators, anyone can, and are encouraged to, make on the fly decisions if they are comfortable with and knowledgeable of the situation. No waiting around wasting time trying to find a manager, seek approval, or simply get an answer from someone, to which you already knew in the first place!


If an issue needs addressed with another person whose duties are more suited, then the problem can be taken directly to them…instead of sending it through a layer cake of needless structure and taking hours or even days simply to get an answer that could have taken 45 seconds if gone directly.


Our system proposes to offer everyone involved autonomy, complexity, and a clear connection between effort and reward in the work that they do. Aiming to provide the highest level of work satisfaction.


While there is no “Manager”, “Supervisor”, or the like in the NLB flat collaborative system, there will be leaders. These individuals will NOT lead by domination, aggression, intimidation, negative manipulative control, and other typical dysfunctional methods, but through knowledge, skills, patience, calmness, empathy, kindness, and experience.

NLB’s leaders don’t have any specific title. And unless you know who they are already, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from everyone else. They become leaders not through intimidation, but through liberation; not through aggression, but wisdom; and not through a generic given title, but through earned respect from others.

No NLB for YOU

NLB’s structure isn’t for everyone. Just like in a pyramid scheme, individuals could think that they might take advantage of this system. Some might think that this "self-management thing" is the key to doing less work and coasting through your days. Or perhaps thinking they could pawn work off on others as their are no managers to stop them. Or perhaps much worse scenarios. But it’s totally the opposite at NLB.

With the flat system, collaborative nature, and full transparency that NLB strives for, each NLBer is given greater powers, which comes with greater responsibilities. Thinking that you can coast by in such a system, is fools gold.


This system is a success because each person respects their position, their fellow collaborators positions, and what is/is not expected of them. Anyone who doesn't see it as that, will not survive NLB.

The purpose of NLB's flat system is to reduce the time it takes for issues to be remedied, create a completely open and fluid organization where no idea or communication is stifled, and everyone has a tangible direct impact on the success of NLB with their words, actions, and choices.