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Naked Local. Bulk. is EYES DEEP into funding this adventure as I type! And currently we are seeking a Promoter-Ambassador to collaborate with exposure and fund seeking. Read the details here, and SUBMIT TO BE CONSIDERED at the bottom of this page!


YOUR MlSSlON (should you choose to except it):
Review all of the material on this page, and the NLB website. Then, If you are still down to collaborate at NLB, respond via the form at the bottom of this page.

What NLB seeks in ALL Collaborators

We seek great humans!! Who you are and how you do things is used as a higher criteria than; what education level you may or may not have, what you have or have not done in the past, what job experiences you may or may not have had, or what you currently are or not doing. Almost everything can be learned, if one chooses to do so. If you feel that you could potentially learn almost anything, then we want to hear form you!

NLB collaborators are not boxed in. You will definitely have your responsibilities, but you’ll be knowledgable of, over time trained in, and able to overlap in almost any aspects of NLB. How you push, create, improve, and innovate your role, and in-turn NLB, is up to you!

The follow is a MUST for all NLB Collaborators:
- Practices sustainable actions, and can get behind the NLB philosophies

- Full knowledge of NLB’s products and services (this comes with time!)
- Food Protection (Safety) Manager training is required (Paid for by NLB)
- Acute awareness of cleanliness; taking all sanitary and hygienic actions possible to keep the store and associated spaces clean and well maintained
- Able to work collaboratively, effectively, and efficiently with others as well as alone
- Able to handle multiple tasks and keep things running smoothly
- Eager to go above and beyond to make every customer experience (and fellow collaborators!) at NLB the best!
- Open to, and flexible with exploring new & different ideas and methods
- A failure who gets back up, learns, adjusts, and pushes positively forward
- Enjoys a fast pace and remains calm under pressure

- Self-driven and self-managed
- Able to except direction, as well as provide direction to others, without pompous egotism
- In-the-moment decision maker who can act correctly, and pick up or distribute a task without direction
- Great manager of resources; time, energy, finance, materials, people, etc…
- Honest, open, and true to ones word
- Organized
- Able to follow, and potentially develop, simple processes from complex ideas
- Computer savvy
- Accept and provide constructive feedback to improve your, your collaborators, and NLBs situation
- Ability to be on your feet for most of the day (with reasonable breaks)
- The ability to bend, twist, squat, and reach as the job requires
- Hand dexterity to push, pull, grasp, press, hold, and fine manipulate objects

- The ability to work in freezing, refrigerated, hot, and other varying conditions if needed

- Able to work in all aspects of year round seasonal conditions; sun, rain, snow, wind, humidity, etc if needed

- Comfortable with typical daily opening and closing business procedures

- Enjoy what you are doing!

The following is a general list of what the IDEAL NLB collaborator will be/have:
- Previous food market, food service, or face to face customer service experience

- General understanding of food supply chains; from agricultural practices, through distribution, sales, buying, to the landfill

- Enthusiastic, high energy, loves meeting and talking with new and familiar people in calm and hi speed scenarios

- Stellar interpersonal communication and problem solving skills
- Divergent thinking, and constructive decenting views, is a plus!
- On the Freakin' ball, dogged, persistent

- Real world team management, group building, or leading experience, in any aspect is a bonus

Being a collaborator at NLB is not the same as wanting to Shop at NLB. Two very different things! Workers want to shop, but not all shoppers want to work. With generally more responsibilities, more autonomy, more challenging work, and generally above average pay, you gotta buy into Naked Local Bulk and want to be a part of it’s success, which in-turn will be your success!

If you are seeking a J O B, please seek out other opportunities as NLB is a unique brick-n-mortar food market start-up that will definitely not be your typical Food Market working experience. If you are up for a potentially very challenging wild ride, with a risk-taking fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mentality, where you will have the ability and are encouraged to engage in all aspects of business, and want to be a part of getting this off the ground, we want to hear from you! 


TO BE considered
Please fill in the form below with:
- In the first box: Your Phone number
- In the second box: Let us know a bit about yourself, what interests you in becoming a collaborator at NLB, what (if any) sustainable or zero waste practices you might be undertaking in your life, and why a sustainable food source is needed in the Pittsburgh region.

*DO NOT put your name, or paste in a resume at all in your application. Your application should simply be a few paragraphs, and your phone number. This is an experiment seeking the best possible blind application process. By doing this we are attempting to minimize conscious and unconscious bias, judgement, and discrimination on everything; resume history, if and/or where one went to school, a persons name, gender, race, where one lives, online trolling… amongst many other hiring and recruiting failures.

If we do find an interest in what you have to say, we will give you a call or text to set up an in person interview. From there, all the standard info, like a resume, can be passed along.

**Please Note: we might inquire about drug and alcohol problems, crime convictions, and smoking (among other things), that could pose an issue to customers and fellow collaborators at NLB. NLB does not conduct pre-employment drug screens. But reserves the right to randomly drug test a person if a situation arises where it is perceived that a collaborator is showing signs of abuse, or other issue arise that could prompt such decisions. This could result in immediate termination. While NLB is 100% for the legalization of pot, we are at the same time 100% against any and all smoking (cig, vape, joint, cigar, etc), and tobacco/chew use of any kind while working at NLB. If you are selected to be brought on by NLB, a criminal, and potentially more extensive background check could be done. The plain fact of having been in jail, or having a criminal record, in an of itself does not disqualify anyone.

If we think you could potentially be a good fit, we will reach out to you with next steps!

Thanks for the application. Now...go outside!