Details : Front of Store

The collaborator for the front of the store is most likely the last person any customer will see as they cash out.

Sometimes the last moments of an experience are all we remember, and our assessment of the whole experience can be positively or negatively skewed by such moments. Therefore, no matter what the experience of the customer at hand has been during their time at NLB, the front of store collaborators should always make every possible effort for each person to leave on a most excellent note.

If the customer had a great experience, it should only be enhanced by the character, warmth, and down-to-earth human welcomeness of the last collaborator to service them. As well, if the customer has had a most awful experience for whatever reason, the front collaborators should go out of their way and use any tool in their kit to fix any issues, and let them leave on the best terms possible.

Collaborators in the front of the store are not just what one would think of as a cashier. That would be a gross understatement. (No knock on the cashier position, we just think it can be so much more!) These collaborators (similar to all collaborators) hold all the abilities, knowledge, decision making powers, and have access to everything a typical Front of Store Manager, Front End Manager, Customer Service Manager, or Front of House Manager would have in another position.

These collaborators will hold the ability to return, refund, swap out, and correct any issue on the spot, or make arrangements to resolve the situation by any means available afterwards.  They also will have the full knowledge of the entirety of NLB to back them up in making all decisions. If for some reason they should lack a bit of information in a particular area, another collaborator is just a holler away, and the information of NLB is at their finger tips.

These collaborators could also be partly or fully responsible (depending on the collaborator) for items such as; scheduling, full open to close daily financial tracking, NLB notification to customers, plus being a part of the varying array of other potential areas throughout NLB.

General, but not limited to, overview of what is sought for this specific future collaborative opportunity:
- Excellent overall math skills
- Can count out money precisely with speed
- Know your way around a register, especially using tare
- Can review a customers order an know how you will pack it, safely, before starting to ring them up
- Outreach, programing, workshops, and various media endeavors
- Works on other duties/projects while awaiting a customer; does not burn out the clock
- Backs up and overlaps with other collaborating positions

** This is not an exhaustive description of this opportunity. It could contract, expand, and change at any point given the circumstances.