Alone we can do so little
No matter who we are, what we are doing, or what our responsibilities and goals are in life, we need others to be successful. (Prove us wrong! We double dog dare you.)


Together we can do so much

Each individual will have their own responsibilities at NLB, but they won't be doing it alone. Every NLB'er will overlap, compliment, and collaborate in some way to make each other, and NLB, successful as a result.

NLB can't be successful without the collaboration of all involved.

BlG ldeas

Ideas are the greatest lost treasures that get destroyed, suffocated, or even stolen in a typical business pyramid scheme.

NLB will be an open, accepting, and nonjudgmental environment where all thoughts from any source, in and even outside of NLB, will be greeted as if it were the greatest idea since sliced bread. Every idea, thought, suggestion and the like, wil be heard, explored, collaborated on, and incubated to its fullest potential.

Failure is possible

Failure is always a reality no matter what you are doing. From over/under cooking rice, to watching billions of dollars explode on the tarmac in the attempt to land your experimental rocket. It’s not an end, but merely a step forward in the process to learn, grow, push forward, and try again.

In the collaborative environment of NLB, success is never gotten without failure. We will welcome the opportunity to fail as it opens up the opportunity to get back up, learn, change, and make things better. All with the help of others.


NLB runs on an open platform of collaboration where help is merely a welcomed step away. If someone is faced with a problem, an issue, or is lacking the information to make a decision, this individual can reach out directly to anyone whom they think could best assist with the problem right from the get go. Instead of waiting on a bevy of bureaucracy absurdness, only to be stifled and have your time wasted.

You can’t have a thriving collaborative environment without clear communication between all parties involved. Our environment at NLB will encourage openness and honesty to propel healthy, active, and respectful communication between everyone, not just fellow collaborators.

NLB cannot be successful without each person being successful in what they are doing. For that, our collaborators are always present to support one another in all aspects. We go above and beyond to make everyone involved in NLB a success. Because if one individual fails, we all fail.